Growing Up in Foster Care

Did you grow up in foster care? I did. Let's share our stories; successes and failures--so that other's may learn the consequences (both good and bad) of growing up in the system. Perhaps you, as many, have lived in numerous foster homes. Let's share our wisdom and knowledge so that others may benefit.

Foster Children

How many times do adults, on a daily basis, think about the plight of children in the system? Unless you are involved with foster care services, probably not many, if at all. 

Why do children end up in the system in the first place? Abuse, neglect, poverty, drugs. And, why does the maltreatment of children continue, almost unnoticed (except by those who work tirelessly to help). I contend it is because the subject matter is so hurtful to our hearts that we stick our heads in the sand. We ignore it.

Ignoring the abuse of children is the primary cause of its existence. It happens because it can.

If you grew up in foster care, as I did, you know that you had little if any voice to use to speak your truth. You also know that even if you could speak your truth, there were few you could tell and few who would listen.

This isn't because people have a cold heart toward children in need.  Actually, it might be the exact opposite. The heartbreak is too much.

BUT I ASK YOU NOW, now as an adult, do you have your voice now?   If you do, let's start a ruckus!  Join my blog below. Tell other's your story. 

Together we can raise awareness and share our stories. JOIN ME, WON'T YOU?

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